Out with a bang

Slight exaggeration.Literally. 2006 went out with in a bang… as the exhaust system of my car completely crashed to the ground. Seems I bottomed out pretty hard coming down a curb at church. See, I have to park on a loading ramp at the back entrance to Dwyer House and you have to go up the curb to get to it, and as we were leaving the car was loaded up with 3 people and a ton of equpiment and I went down the curb at just the right angle to rip out my muffler and break the pipe in three places. Granted, the whole thing was actually really rusty, but still.

So we got Castro and Kevin, the only two people skinny enough to get under my car since it sits only about 6-inches from the ground, to tie it up enough to make it to my mechanic down the street.

I don’t think that it’s going to be worth fixing. The car is pretty old and fairly busted. My dad suggested leasing a truck. I may. I’ll have to price some stuff and see what I can afford.

So then, after dropping off the car, I went with Carlos to meet people at the Olive Garden for some lunch/dinner. Olive Garden is pretty good, though everytime I go there I get the feeling that it’s slightly out of my league. I’m more of a Quick Check type of person…. good wraps.

Anyways, then I was dropped off at home and promptly fell asleep and remained in that state through the new year. Good stuff.

So, happy 2007 everybody. I have some pretty high expectations that this year will be even better than 2006. Lots of stuff to happen and to take place. I hope everyone had a great New Year’s and an even greater 2007.

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