The Missing Sync

So, I posted a month or so back about my new Treo 700wx and gave a bit of a review on it. One of my dislikes was the inability to sync to my MacBook Pro. Really frustrating.

Well, thank you Koolio for suggesting The Missing Sync by Mark/Space. This is a great little program that finally provides that “missing sync” between the Mac and the PDA. I bought and downloaded the Windows Mobile version as I have a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone.

At first I was having some issues with the sync. It seems that it would sync everything except my contacts and calendars… which was really the main reason I bought it. Quite frustrating.

Well, I must have done something… checked the right box or plugged the cable in the proper angle… I’m not sure what it was. All I know is that 2 days ago it synced everything 100% correctly. Everything. All my contacts came out of Address Book. All my schedules came out of iCal. All my bookmarks. Photos. Everything now syncs, and let me tell you… it’s a beautiful thing. I mean, I’m so excited that I can finally do this PDA thing right. In true Mac form, it just works now.

This little app is, by far, one of the best investments I’ve made in software since switching to Mac. If you have a PDA or smartphone or something similar and own a Mac and are tired of non-syncability, you should definitely check out The Missing Sync. They make a version for all different types of PDA and phone and OS. It retails for about $40. There’s no demo available beforehand, so you just have to trust and pay beforehand.

Thanks again to Koolio for the suggestion. Check out his blog for more great tech news and reviews.

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