Facebook is….

What are people, at least my friends, doing on Facebook as of 6pm on Tuesday, October 23, 2007?

– William Hartz is pwning Excel.
– Boris Thertus is in class.
– Katie Tang is feeling better thanks to the best chiropractor on earth.
– Wes Rickards is wondering what the appropriate level of celebration is after winning the Super Bowl in Madden ’08.
– Justine Ezarik is twittering: Putting out fires per @kemics request. No worries. I got this one guys.
– Robyn Holt is tired && no where near done for the day. =[.
– Todd Porter is at the dentist and then off to Tal & Nathan’s football game.
– Alisha Rivera is ty ty.
– Charles Eldred is working with his sidekick at his side.
– Patti Gibbons is angry that ANYONE would say Tim isn’t persistent enough!!!
– Mark Oestreicher is going to ireland for a week.
– Lawrence Pereira is at work.
– Adam McLane is getting ready for work.
– Derek Tang is hoping Mommy feels better soon.
– Mike Kupferer is in love with his wife.
– Loren Hague is exegeting.
– Amber Mac is back in black.
– Ruth Stoddard is home and full of great memories of San Francisco.
– David Tate is working for not a change.
– Brian Senecal is praying for the people in San Diego.
– Desiree Cramer is playing volleyball. :).
– Gerrard Fess is hoping to get some hockey sticks for his kids this week!
– Shayna Skalicky is busy.
– Maria Meneses is maria!
– Lauren Skalicky is twenty.
– Amy Sondova is figuring stuff out.
– Bethany S. is going to sleep.
– Chrissy Oddi is ready for next weekend.
– Katie Becker is mmm <3.
– Jonathan Siniscal is thankful God is always faithful.
– Laurel Santos is convinced that boba tea is full of anger & hatred.
– Fulei Ngangmuta is still doing whatever it takes.
– Carly Painter is wishing she could be more involved at school :(.
– Dossy Shiobara is hitting the road to make the 2.25 hour trip down to Mt. Laurel. – Traffic Gods, please be kind!
– Kevin Max is flying to Austria today….waiting in Dulles Airport for 5 hours.
– Meg Servedio is by the far the greatest.
– Kara Tropicana is dating Jared Leto (sooo gorgeoussss).
– Shaun Robertson is Trying to tell the people, “I’m not built for this cubicle thing.”
– Adam Tree Myers is incredibly glad to have Serra home again.
– Deneice Fujii is here.

What are you doing?

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