Of photography and illnesses

https://i0.wp.com/www.opt.pacificu.edu/ce/catalog/11466-PH/claritin.jpgI feel like I am on the verge of illness. That’s not a metaphorical statement. I think I’m actually getting sick. I’ve felt all achy and sore all day long… like a  dark fever is trying to tighten it’s grip on my being. It, however, has not been successful as of yet. Since I’ve been home from work I’ve also developed some congestion and a headache and other fever-like symptoms. I hope and pray that it all comes to nothing and tomorrow I will be fine. We shall see.

But over the past few days I have been feverishly (pun intended) trying to get my Flickr account up to date. There have been several rather large galleries I’ve wanted to upload but have not really found the time to do. Well, I’m all caught up now. So head on over to my Flickr page and see all the goodess that is there.

New sets include

The Escape
My Photographies
Water Balloon Warfare
Mets vs Padres
The Liberty Center
and Washington DC

Also updated: Home Renovatus

There are some photos not in galleries that you can brows through as well, if you feel so inclined.

Beauty and Pain

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I never really paid attention in high school or college. My notebooks were filled with sketches of various things more than they were filled with notes. I loved drawing and sketching and “doodling” on anything and everything I could.

Since I graduated I haven’t sketched that much, but in the past two days I had to go through some training at work, and in those two days of “schooling,” while having to sit and listen to an instructor teach me about the industry, I found my old habits instinctively come right back and I started to sketch on the papers they gave me rather than listen to what was going on.

These are the two things that came of my drawing over the past two days. I admit my skills have slacked in the past several years. Neither one is as good as they should be. And the heads are quite similar to each other, though the bodies are headed in different directions. Maybe I should take up the art again and get a small sketch book to keep with me. I do enjoy it.

What do you think? Full sizes available by clicking on the images.

Sketch 1
Sketch 2

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