Happy New Years!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year, all! I hope you had good and safe fun during last night’s festivities!

Engine #6I was on the road at 12:10am last night. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you probably saw a tweet about this. I was leaving the Liberty right after midnight and was on Elizabeth Ave crossing Broad Street towards the courthouse. I saw, out of the left corner of my eye, two engines pull out of the Broad St firehouse, lights ablazin’ and sirens blaring. They came toward my direction with great acceleration as I pulled over and let them pass. I remembered then that, while walking to my car, I heard the distant crackling of a large amount of fireworks, mostly illegal I supposed. I would assume that someone rang in the new year by setting their home afire within 10 minutes of the ball dropping. Nice! I couldn’t help but chuckle a little while still feeling a little sad for the situation.

From the stageAnyway, I went to my church’s New Year’s gathering last night before the fire incident. I wasn’t aware I was supposed to be running sound for the night, so I planned on showing up “fashionably late.” Alas, I received a call about 15 minutes before the start asking if I was coming becuase they needed a tech there. So I geared up with haste and made my way to the Liberty Center. I walked in the door as they were starting to play the first song. There was a guy there who I’ve been training that got the stuff turned on and running, but quickly passed it to me when I arrived. It was a night of prayer and worship. Pretty good. A lot of people showed up… a lot more than I expected to. I think we had about 300 or so. I added a few photos from the night here, on Flickr.

I don’t have much scheduled for today. I’m trying to find something to do. I don’t think any stores will be open, and I’m having a hard time find people with which to do something. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just go shower and then head out and see what becomes of things.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great New Year’s holiday! Peace be with you.

Happy Columbus Day!

46813872-FF17-4033-90D1-1B8E0EF92B9C.jpgHappy Columbus Day to all my American friends. Today we celebrate the fine art of getting lost and not asking for directions. It is a day when we honor Christopher Columbus, who in an attempt to reach India for their fine spices and IT skills, made the mistake of following MapQuest directions and ended up in the Caribbean.

I hope you all had a great holiday. I had to work and so am jealous of all workers and students who had the day off.

Remember to buy all your friends a nice Columbus Day Gift.

Reading is fundemental

So I joined Audible.com on recommendation and referral by Leo Laporte and the fine members of the various TWiT podcasts. As such, my consumption of books will increase dramatically. Of course, I’ll never get to the level of my friend Angela, the SciFi Chick… seems that she reads a new book every day.Anyway, I suppose I’ll be posting some new book reviews on here from time to time. You can also follow me at AllConsuming.net to see what I’m, well, consuming. I believe there is also a “Consumption” area on the sidebar of this blog.I’m currently “reading” John Hodgman‘s The Areas of My Expertise.  Yeah, the “Hi, I’m a PC” guy.  Seems pretty good so far.  I’ll write more upon completion. I guess that’s all for now.  Peace be with you.   

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My life blurbs

Haven’t updated in awhile. Here are some quick blurbs as to what I’ve been up to.

Thursday, June 21:IMG_9288.JPG
had a luau fund raiser for his political stuffs. Food was ok. DJ Dino was dancing up a storm and gyrating on the floor. The hula girls were older than my mom. Jenn danced the hula too. She said not to show anyone the video, though. 🙂 We played spades at our table. And then I learned how to play palace… and beat Manny. Arm wrestled Willie and Carlos. Made short work of Willie. Tied Carlos and hurt my wrist in the process. Ended up leaving the place at 1am. I was tired the next day.

Friday, June 22:
Work in the AM. The Bridge in the PM. There were drunk people in front of the Liberty Center. Almost called the police. Had Chinese for dinner. Bridge leader’s meeting at 10. Got home at 1am and fell asleep on the couch. Good times.

Saturday, June 23:IMG_9432.JPG
Woke up at 11 without the aide of alarm clock. Soooooo nice! Took a shower and went to get food from Danny’s place for another luau Carlos was doing for a senior’s complex in Elizabeth. Had to shortly run out and get a second batch of chicken and ribs cause apparently the seniors inhale food faster than teenagers do. They consumed the second portions within 5 minutes. Most of the staff working there was not even able to eat. Well, there was rice leftover. Yum. DJ Dino was back shaking what his mama gave him all over the place. There was a stray cat walking about. I took his picture. He was small and slow-moving. Poor cat. Then went to Carrabba‘s for some food with my family, since I couldn’t eat at the luau. All the way in Green Brook. Ended the night seeing Evan Almighty with Carly and Manny. ‘Twas pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but still enjoyable. Had its definite funny moments and also made me think a bit. Came home and slothed.

Sunday, June 24:
Loooooooooong day. Setup sound system for church at 8:30am. 1st service at 10. 2and at 12:30. 3rd at 2. Then sound system breakdown until 4pm. Drove down the road to the Liberty Center. Got some funky, nasty chicken from the local Spanish/Chinese restaurant (FYI, never get the “Crispy Chicken pieces”… scary). Had a meeting on “First Impressions” and “building design” from 4:30 until 7pm. Then had a Connexion meeting from 7 til 9:30. Got home after 13 hours of church and meetings and passed out of exhaustion.

Monday, June 25:
Woke up at 6:30 for work, surprisingly refreshed. I guess going to bed at 10 will do that. Worked all day. Came home. Video chatted with Samantha. Made some flyers for church. Crashed at 1:30 in the AM.

Tuesday, June 26:couldn't think of anything to put here... so it's just me
Happy birthday Manny. I woke up at 6:45 (to be at work at 7). Walked in to work at 7 on the dot. Inputted data. Had a BPU inspection scheduled and then canceled. Spoke with MetLife Insurance due to my brother’s accident in my car a few weeks back. Worked outside in the sweltering heat all day. Came home only to be sent to the attic to move around stuff in the 110-degree sauna that has naturally occurred up there. Now sitting downstairs in the AC typing this blog and surfing the web and iChatting. About to go shower and then on to Best Buy to buy 1Tb of storage for my computer. Maybe a digital camera. Then must finish a few flyers, create 2 logos (one for church, one for a client), edit down and publish 3 podcasts, and if there is any time left in the day try to get ahead on church 10-year anniversary media…. I think I need a personal assistant.And that is my life the past week. I hope you have enjoyed. I’m sure pictures of everything will be on Flickr at some point.Fare thee well, and may peace be with you.

Happy little trees

Seriously, Bob Ross was the man. That ‘fro gave him unparalleled painting skill, much like Chuck Norris‘ beard gives him inhuman martial arts skills.  Anyone who grew up in the 80’s or early 90’s will remember Bob Ross and his “happy little trees.”  Enjoy.