So due to the fact that I was away for a week, my podcast publishing schedule went out of whack. I missed the week of the 28th due to shopping and packing and flying. While I was away there were some “technical difficulties” in the recordings, so we had nothing to post the week of the 4th. And finally I was back and recording on the 11th. And so I have everything posted that I have to post back til the 28th of October for all three of our podcasts.

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Christ Fellowship:
10/28 – Go Fish VII: The One that Got Away
11/11 – Take a Rest

10/28 – Communion
11/11 – Twisted Logic: The Misunderstood King

10/28 – Growing Spiritually IX: Love
11/11 – Accountability

Sorry for missing the teachings from 11/04. We’re back on a normal schedule now.

In related news, we should be ready to start up the monthly Bridge podcast very, very shortly. Keep an eye out.